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Putting the Psalms to Bluegrass music
the way the Hebrews intended
Iron Mountain Messengers

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The spontaneity and joy of good friends making the music they love.
Chapel Hill Guitar Lessons
Take lessons from a real pro
Chapel Hill Mandolin Lessons
Let Charles Pettee teach you how to play the mandolin

Bring The Arts Home

Southern Artistry

Get to know the lives and work of acclaimed Southern Artists


To proclaim and practice the biblical call to integrate spiritual renewal and social justice.

The Rubber Room

Specializing in recording, mixing and mastering
acoustic music since 1996
Summer Programs
Charles Pettee is offering his hit program, "Summer Music Programs" throughout the Southeast.
Book him now while dates are still available!
Charles Pettee is offering another hit summer program, "Getting Creative With Bluegrass" throughout the Southeast.
Make sure to see it!

Charles Pettee is offering the new hit summer program "Catch the Bluegrass Bug!" throughout the Southeast.
Don't miss it!

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